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Double trouble. Fearless Movement Duo Bowie and Lizzay.

Posted on November 07 2017

We hit the streets with the Fearless Movement Co duo Bowie (pictured left) and Lizzay (pictured right).  These two have set up a fantastic online fitness and nutrition coaching business and are focused also on Rainbow Families.  Check them out here and READ ON!

Thanks Bowie and Lizzay for doing some photo shoots wearing our gear.  We're loving the action shots on the streets and on the boards! Watch out for some lovely shots coming our way - I think we may need to set up a LookBook for this stuff!

Name you want to go by?

B: Bowie

L: Lizzay


B: 32

L: 28

What traffic light are you? Green - single, Orange - it's complicated, Red - Sorry taken!

B:  I'm that orange light that flashes on and off, it's not complicated it's more of a proceed with caution..
L: Red, with a hint of Orange, but minus the complication!


How would you like to be identified as eg. Bi, Trans, FTM, MTF, Asexual, No gender?

B:  I am a Gender Queer Pansexual

L: Pansexual Female. I used to identify as a lesbian, but now I’m with Bowie, who is Gender Queer, I guess I am now Pansexual. Interesting how that works, hey?


Where are you from?

B: Small town, middle of nowhere, Regional Queensland

L: Melbourne, Ringwood East to be more specific. The best suburb in the world…?


What are you looking forward to this year?

B: Getting involved with our community, Training and keeping fit for the zombie apocalypse and birthday cake...MY birthday cake

L: OMG EVERYTHING! Life! Getting stronger, fitter, and healthier everyday. Going snowboarding next week, spending time with my amazing friends and family, kicking goals with our online fitness and nutrition business, not having to do tax returns anymore, running faster and running longer.


Perfect date?

B: A bluebird POW day with Lizzay in Canada or Japan or New Zealand... Gah! Just somewhere on an amazing mountain, spent snowboarding then chillin around a fire having amazing chai tea apres.

L: Definitely snowboarding…. in Canada!! We would have an amazing breakfast of Bowie’s amazing baked beans, tofu, veggies and mushroom big brekky. Catch first chairlift, get the best pow in the morning and ride at the terrain park in the afternoon, with lots of make-out sessions on the chairlifts. After drink hot chocolate in front of the fire, listening to Plantrae and Tash Sultana. Go out for dinner somewhere nice, and after go home and have amazing sex.


Who is your role model, and why?

B:  I am going to have to pick more than one. I have been so lucky to have had several people in my life that that I have been able to learn so much from. 


My two Kettlebell coaches/mentors would have to be amongst my biggest. Both of them helped me to change my life by teaching me to respect my body, the importance of having discipline, integrity and mental resilience and to NEVER QUIT!!

Lizzay. She helped me on my journey as I quit drinking alcohol while I was studying to become a fitness coach 4 years ago now. I lost a lot of people from my life when I stepped away from the party scene. Lizzay was sharing a similar experience and was there as someone to connect with when so many other people didn't want to understand my choices.

L:   My sister Christina, for her hard work, commitment and communication skills, she’s awesome; 

My life coach, Natalia Dewiyani, she constantly inspires me with her nuggets of wisdom; 

Brooke Castillo (The Life Coach School Podcast) for the way she teaches and explains everything in the most simple and easy to understand way, I would love to coach like her; 

Last but not least is Bowie, for their ability to so confidently stand up for what they believe in, their curiosity in people and how the world works, their strength, determination, and the rate at which they consume information… so fast!

What do you like doing in your spare time?
B: Drawing, spending time with friends, training for the zombie apocalypse... seriously, it could happen...

 What spare time?!! Just joking. Skateboarding, cooking yummy vegan food, running, playing with our two gorgeous boys (dogs) Archie and Floki, hanging out with friends, going to events in Melbourne that are meaningful for me and enrich my life, there are SOOOO many.
What has been your best/worst date?
B: Not just one date, it was 10 incredible days. I flew to Melbourne to visit Lizzay. I hadn't seen her in 5 years, since we had worked together in Canada. I finally got to tell her how I felt about her after all that time.

 Best: The best date of my life was with Bowie. 10 days of realising you now have a best friend that you’re madly in love with. *Hi5!
Worst: My one and only Tinder date in Singapore. She was still depressed from her previous breakup.


What's your one biggest pet peeve?

B: Noisy eating or drinking

L: When I forget about my tea and it boils over the stove! Grrrrrr….. *sob


Favourite band/song?
B: Amanda Fucking Palmer - Astronaut.
L: Right now it’s “Plantrae”, he’s a DJ that plays the violin. EPIC. Also, LOVE “Opiou”.


Are you a bathroom singer?

B: That's a negative

L: No, I sing when I’m alone in my car.


Where would you like to visit?
B: EVERYWHERE I possibly can.

 Alaska, to heli-board every year and experience the northern lights.


If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?
B: I couldn't be just one animal. I would be a super rad combo of a Ferret, a Llama, a Wolf and a Curlew because then I would be a super crafty, an awesome hunter, I would have a Llama face that makes everyone happy (because who can be unhappy around Llamas) and I would have that creepy something is out there to get me type scream just so that I could be a little weird as well, and I would look awesome.

 Our dog Floki, because he’s the happiest dog in the world, get’s fed porridge with maple syrup and banana for breakfast, as well as rice, chicken and veggies for dinner. He doesn’t feel pain and gets cuddles on command.


If you could have one superhero power, what would it be and why?

B: I would have a super hero power it would be super strength because I have always wanted to be really strong, stronger than what is "normal" or expected from a person (it's probably why I train so much).

L: Shapeshifting. So I could be any animal or person in the world. I would probably only turn into an animal though…. or would I?? I want to have ALL the animal experiences!


You social media points you want to share? eg. facebook, instagram, twitter, tumblr...
B: To keep up with all of our events, tips and all of the fun stuff we do at Fearless Movement Collective on Facebook, on Insta at Fearless_Movement_Co and find our website at

If you are wanting to lose weight, get fit, toned and stronger, or smash it at your sport, come hang out with us at Fearless Movement Collective on Facebook. We provide online fitness and nutrition tips and advice specifically for Rainbow Families and Gender-Diverse people, as well as and event updates on our FB page.

I also run a FB page and closed group called How I Quit Drinking Alcohol. This is a safe space where I help people to quit drinking alcohol. We chat about the challenges when it comes to quitting alcohol, providing support for each other and having a space where we can share our wins!

If you want, check out the morning show I used to host at Falls Creek called “SNOWrise! The Falls Creek Morning Show” on Youtube. This was SUPER fun!


Anything else you might want to share?
B:  Lizzay and I are the founders of Fearless Movement Collective. We are passionate about helping our community grow strong, by educating our Rainbow Families about fitness and nutrition. It may sound a little unfun (it could be a word) but it doesn't have to. 
Becoming active and learning about how to make smarter food choices, is an adventure that you can share with your entire family. In turn, your entire family will share in the benefits that come from these choices that our Rainbow Mums and Dads make.
We hope to help inspire positive change in our Rainbow Families so that our community is strong, active and healthy.
L: I want to thank Between The Lines for the badass fashion they bring to us. It’s awesome being able to wear something that sends a message I’m proud of and makes me look good at the same time. Winning! (ed: Thanks Lizzay! )


Special quote you live by?

B: Show up, Don't complain, NEVER QUIT - Andrew Read

L: Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right. - Henry Ford



Advice or message for audience?

B:  We know at the moment, things are tough for our community. The voluntary postal survey is targeting all of us, our friends and our families. We can all stand strong together and support each other. This is a tough time but it is not the end. This is our time to stand tall and say we will be heard. 

It is ok to feel upset, it is ok to talk about it. If you need help and support through this, there are people and services out there that you can turn to, You are not alone in this.

L:It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s a necessity. - Mandy Hale

I’m sharing this message of self-love because it’s so easy and common to punish and hate yourself for being human (as someone whose “different” and makes mistakes = everyone!). The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is to love yourself BEFORE everyone else. This means looking after your body with training and enough rest, taking time-out to clear your mind, eating healthy, and being forgiving, kind and compassionate towards yourself. Just like marriage equality, self-love is your basic human right, nothing should take that away from you!



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